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Become Who You Are: Practice Philosophy!

Time: 07:30pm  to 09:30pm
Date: Tuesday 26 January 2016

Location: 215 Spadina Avenue (Dundas / Queen), Alterna Boardroom, 4th Floor, Toronto, ON - M5T 2C7
Questions? Call us at 416-486-7198 or email us:


Have you ever found yourself walking down the street wondering where you are going, not just at that particular moment, but in life in general?

Have you ever wondered who you really are in a world where “image” and “personal branding” are given such importance?

When he was alive, Socrates was known to stop people in the street and ask them where they were going. Some would say they were heading to the market, to work or home, and found the question puzzling and bothersome, as they were often in a rush.

But others would respond differently, showing a deeper questioning about the direction and meaning of their life.

Those who realized they needed something more than daily activities set off with Socrates to pursue Philosophy in the Classical Manner in the quest for a profound knowledge about themselves and the world.

Beyond Socrates, the Philosophies of East and West offer universal spiritual teachings that can illuminate our own life, offering guidance so we can truly become who we are and empowering us to make a sustainable difference in our world.

Attend the Introductory Workshop for “Become Who You Are: Practice Philosophy”, and see for yourself how the practice of philosophy leads us to:

  • recognize our authentic identity and aspirations beyond surrounding influences
  • dare to venture into the unknown, overcome limits and activate new strengths
  • live a life that is aligned with who we are, giving a sense of accomplishment
  • feel calmer, happier and more confident at the helm of our ship
  • “be the change” we want to see in the world