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Why New Acropolis?


In Ancient Greece, the word Acropolis referred to the highest part of the city. It was the place where contact was established between the visible and the invisible. It is a symbolic place for our imagination, which suggests the ascent towards the highest part of ourselves, the best within ourselves.

We believe that today's world needs new “Acropolises”, made not of stone but of human beings, erected in the heart of our cities.  New Acropolis inspires people to improve themselves, to re-establish the deep bonds that connect us with others and with nature and in turn improve the society and world that we live in. 

Today, New Acropolis is present in more than 50 countries, with branches in over 400 cities. It brings together more than 15,000 volunteers and hundreds of thousands of sympathizers, who speak over fifteen languages and represent a wide range of denominations and origins.