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Dare to Discover your Soul!

Time: 07:30pm  to 09:00pm
Date: Tuesday 30 November 2021

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Dare to Discover

Philosophy, "the love of wisdom", not only teaches us how to think, reflect and search for answers to the great mysteries of life, but, most importantly, it also teaches us how to LIVE the mystery that is life.
In our fast paced lives, it is very challenging to pause and dare to ask ourselves fundamental and essential questions such as:
- Despite having more and doing more, are we happier and more fulfilled?
- Can we learn to be calm and stable despite the difficulties of life?
- How can we find harmony within and with others?
- How can we become strong within to face the uncertainties of life?
- Do we have a higher purpose?
- How can we participate in building a better future?
The first step in the quest for answers to such questions begins with an inward journey of discovering ourselves and daring to identify with who we truly are. Join us on this first step by registering to our FREE class to discover, investigate and explore a fascinating perspective on: Who am I? What is the Human Being?
This Free class is part of our 15-week Practical Philosophy course -
At the end of the class, we will provide more details (including the option to take this course online or in person) for those who wish to sign up for the full 15-week course.
No philosophical knowledge or experience required for any of our classes...just an open mind!
We hope you will join us on this inner adventure for your soul and discover the transformative power of Philosophy!
Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation from Eventbrite with additional details. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at (647) 317-1416 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We look forward to meeting you!
Volunteers of New Acropolis Toronto

It is natural to question oneself about the future of the human being and society. To help you reflect, we are offering a free introductory workshop to our Applied Philosophy Course. 

Our course is a journey of discovery into the wisdom traditions of humanity from the East and West. Join us to learn not only how to think more deeply about some of the most fundamental questions of life, but also how to acquire practical tools that impact and enrich our everyday life, in all its aspects.


These ancient philosophies are a source of inspiration to deal with the great issues of the human being, as well as with today's personal and collective challenges.

The workshops are organized according to three fundamental themes to help us navigate through life.

The first theme is concerned with the human being: Who am I? How can I develop myself despite my inner obstacles?

The second theme is concerned with the relationship between human beings and society: How can we live together in harmony?

The third theme focuses on the path of the individual and humanity across history: Where do we come from and where are we going? What future do we want to build together?

Topics Include: