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Your Sign, your Life Symbol - Virgo

Time: 11:00am  to 12:30pm
Date: Sunday 19 September 2021

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Reinvent Your Destiny - Virgo

Your Sign, your Life Symbol - Virgo

Monthly workshops


In this workshop, we share a discovery of our human potential, particularly from the perspective of the Virgo sign in the seasonal zodiac. With the language of symbols of nature and the mythological tales of Hercules / Heracles on the heroic path, we can understand our fundamental challenges and powers that govern the main story line of our destiny.

Self-knowledge can be the most difficult thing to attain. To know is to be born with it. Knowledge proceeds from birth to a new inner state of being, it is a global experience and not the result of an intellectual process.

The path is progressive. It incorporates the paradox of going out of oneself in order to encounter oneself. It is an evolutionary process that requires a path of transformations until we go back to the origin of ourselves.

Don’t we learn from living experience and from those who are examples of it. Hence the importance of guidance and symbolic guideposts to free oneself from obstacles and intermediaries, opinions and prejudices. So the knowledge of our soul is a way that allows us to be more free, happy and authentic each time with purpose closer to our destiny.

With Pierre Roland, philosopher.

About Pierre ROLAND

Pierre is a philosopher inspired by nature and has been interested in timeless wisdom, such as astrology since the 1980s'. He acquired knowledge from experience, so it is with enthusiasm and generosity that Pierre shares his experience with you. He invites you to undertake this path of self-knowledge in the light of the natural symbolic language of the living world.

His discovery of the mysteries of the cosmos during his studies in engineering physics and his experience as an aviator led him to the practice of astrology and applied philosophy for over 30 years. Investigator and popularizer, he knows how to keep your attention while introducing you to the foundations of the inner quest.

By marrying astrology, mythology, history, psychology and the heroic path of transformation, he will share a broad perspective of our reality and our human identity that allows us to better engage concretely in our times full of challenges.

As he learned from his masters, Pierre invites you to expand your mental perception of the world, of yourselves and of our relationship to life, in order to create a new and better world.


Where Zodiac signs come from?  

Why take on the philosophical hero's journey?

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